The Environmental Impact of Dentistry – Green Prophet

In our everyday lives, almost everything we do has an environmental impact that can affect this generation and the next. When it comes to potential health services, it’s also important to see how our everyday tools, resources, and emissions can affect the world and environment around us.

It is part of social responsibility—especially as a business—to find and define where possible problem areas might be in the way we do business from our equipment to the everyday use of tools and resources.

At the local family dentist in Langley, BC, they make sure to do just that. Playing a part in the health of our environment is at the forefront of their goals. Not only are they specifically focused on helping you improve your oral health, but they also want to do their part for the world around us.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the environmental impact that dentistry plays in the world around us and how both business and clientele can do their part in helping reduce our carbon footprint and impact our environment for the better.

Doing Your Part

If you’re a dental practitioner, you should do your part in recognizing the very specific, yet forward-thinking actions that you can take on an everyday basis that can help reduce your footprint and improve the environment around you.

However, before you have an impact in the world, you have to first focus on what’s happening in your own office.

Materials and Procedures