The secret dentist – we need radical change – now is the time –

The Secret DentistIn the first of a new series, we introduce ‘the secret dentist’ who will cover the topics nobody else wants to talk about. In this first column they explain how the next generation of dentists needs to rise up and force healthcare into radical change.

Everybody complains about ‘NHS dentistry’ but everybody blames somebody else.

Dentistry has never been part of the mainstream NHS since patient charges were first introduced a few years after its inception. It was always delivered by independent practitioners accepting NHS terms of a contract. Initially on a patient by patient basis but now as a bigger fixed contract.

The blame game

NHS England & Improvement (NHSE&I) blame the dentists.

The older NHS dentists blame the NHSE&I and ‘the corporates’.

Associates then blame the principals and vice versa.

The more recently qualified dentists also blame the older generation.

Patients don’t know who to blame. But certainly complain about paying any amount of money whilst receiving a sub-standard service.

Wholly private dentists blame the dentists who ‘prop up the system’ by making it work.

Anybody who isn’t a member of the BDA, and indeed even some who are members, blame the BDA.

Everybody blames everybody in regulation – GDC, CQC, HIW, HIS, HINI.

Worldwide turmoil

The whole world is currently in turmoil, unprecedented since World War II. We are only part way through a pandemic that will affect our lives to a ‘new normal’ unimaginable 12