Vietnam veterans continue to serve through food pantry – Longview News-Journal

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Vietnam veterans Charles Green and Rick DuMiller spend three mornings a week at a food pantry on Jacksonville’s Westside, where they distribute bags of food and a bit of hope to financially struggling Jacksonville families.

They have given years of their lives to the country through their collective military service — during which DuMiller lost his lower left leg to shrapnel from a grenade — but also want to give back.

“I’ve been blessed,” said Green, 69, who served four years in the Marine Corps but never had to leave the States, and later had a postal service career.

“When you see all those vehicles in line, see the parents and grandparents, the children, it just makes you feel good, knowing with the food we’re providing they’ll be able to take that money (they would have used for groceries) and pay the power bill or the