Somerset jail inmates to receive dental care in-house – Daily American Online

Inmates in the Somerset County Jail are now able to receive dental care in the facility as a way to help keep them and staff safe during the pandemic.

The total number of Somerset County Jail inmates seen by a dentist in 2020 was 26, primarily for extractions, fillings and exams, according to statistics provided by PrimeCare Medical Inc.

Correctional officers had to transfer those inmates outside the jail to obtain the dental services.

“We have as part of our CARE Acts funding purchased dental equipment so we will no longer have to be taking inmates, once it is installed, out for dental appointments for the some dental care to the extent that the county provides the dental care will be done in house,” said prison board president Pamela Tokar-Ickes.

The county will be contracting with PrimeCare Medical Inc., which currently provides medical care in the jail, to provide the dental care in-house, she said.

“It is something we have not done and I think will be a benefit for the county,” she said. “Certainly, the fewer times we have to transport inmates from the facility out into the community is a good