Costa Rica Dental Tourism is alive and well: 2021 discounts & promotions – – The Tico Times

It’s finally 2021. After a long year of ups and downs, dental tourism in Costa Rica is rebounding quickly and shows promise for a strong year ahead as patient confidence exhibits signs of improvement.

Recent patient polls conducted by show 80% of potential patients surveyed feel comfortable that Costa Rica is a safe destination for dental tourism. 85% of patients believe that Costa Rica is one of the best dental tourism destinations in the world. A full 90% of patient respondents feel Costa Rica dental clinics are taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions to keep their patients safe.

As flights from the USA arrive daily at Juan Santamaría International Airport near San José, private drivers, replete with face masks, representing numerous Costa Rica dental clinics can be seen outside the arrivals terminal, waiting to shuttle their patients to their hotels or to the clinics to begin their dental treatments in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

Leading Costa Rica dental tourism clinics such as Goodness Dental, Prisma Dental, Meza Dental, Confidental, Mario Garita Dental Experience, Costa Rica Dental Team, Sonria Dental, Dentavac, Nova Dental, Star Dental, Getaway Dental, All on Four Costa Rica and others, many of which were closed during much of 2020 due to COVID-19, are now once again bustling as new patients fill their chairs.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Promotions

Some dental tourism clinics are offering generous discounts and promotions to generate new patient business. Following are a few of the most notable discounts available in the