Private clinics navigate Wisconsin’s COVID vaccine rollout – FOX 6 Milwaukee

More than 100,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have now been administered in Wisconsin, but the state estimates there are still hundreds of thousands of people waiting in the first priority group.

As the state looks to ramp up its vaccine rollout, some private practice physicians are navigating the process.

Dentists at Tosa Dental got their vaccines on New Year’s Eve with the help of a former neighbor — and say many dentists are still waiting to know when it will be the turn.

Wearing a mask isn’t an option when getting work done on your teeth.

“Just by nature of where we work, we work in the mouth, in very close proximity. It just leaves us very vulnerable to having an exposure or direct contact with that virus,” said Anne Allmann, owner and dentist at Tosa Dental.

Anne Allmann and staff from Tosa Dental

Allmann and her staff proudly got the coronavirus vaccine to finish out 2020, but their doses didn’t come directly from the state. They got a call from Tosa Pediatrics, who ended up with extra doses after vaccinating its staff.

“There was a lot of scrambling, a lot