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Q: I have an impacted wisdom tooth that the gum is receding from. It has not yet caused me any discomfort. However, I have had two sets of X-rays and it needs to come out. I have contacted an oral surgeon and I am going to schedule removal. Should I wait till I am vaccinated against COVID before removal? I have been taking extreme measures during 2020.
– M.J.R.

A: This is an excellent question and my answer will have relevance (I believe) to many others.

When you talk of the need to extract your third molar (wisdom tooth), I am concerned as to the rationale. By definition, if a wisdom tooth is impacted, fully or partially, it has not yet erupted into your oral cavity (mouth). If this is the case, then it cannot be indicated for extraction as a result of a receding gum. That is the fact.

Now, you also say that there is something on X-ray that indicates the need for extraction on a somewhat urgent basis. I agree that contacting the oral surgeon was the proper thing to do, but you need to have more information before you proceed. I assume that your general dentist has made the referral and therefore must have seen something more than you are aware of. There may possibly be a large amount of decay that may be concerning or there may be damage to the adjacent tooth that is the problem. But whatever it is,