Island Dentistry expands its services with hiring of two new doctors – Clay Today Online

By Wesley LeBlanc

FLEMING ISLAND – Island Dentistry is a one-stop shop for all your dentistry needs and it just bolstered its ranks with two new doctors.

Island Dentistry is aware of the stigma and fear associated with dentists: people are often scared to go to dentists be it a childhood trauma associated with them, a fear of the tools used or even a sense of embarrassment they might feel about the state of their teeth and mouth. The dental office works to remove that fear and being a one-stop shop is a part of that effort.

“Island Dentistry recognizes fear is a huge issue for a lot of patients whether it be childhood trauma or embarrassment so we make a point, no matter who they’re seeing, to build a relationship with that patient so that they’re comfortable,” Island Dentistry operations director Kandi Green said. “They’re already fearful of their regular visits so we don’t want to send them off from us to specialists, which is why we offer as much as we do here in this office.”

The office is located at 4589 U.S. Highway 17, Unit 6 on Fleming Island, and with the addition of two new doctors, Xiaodan Zhang and Victor Erminy, it can offer even more.

Zhang has a long history in dentistry that stretches back to her life in China, where she went to dental school and held a residency for oral surgery. She came to the United States to further her education by attending dental school at